The Chill Zone ~ Restorative Yoga (Fridays)

“The Power of Slow” – Gentle to soothe.

Gently improve flexibility, strength and your overall wellness in mind and body. The “Power of Slow” lies in the synchronisation of breath and mindful movement, releasing long held tensions and habitual patterns we all carry – increase your energy, boost your immune system and calm your mind…

Weaving together yoga breathing (pranayama), healing postures (asana) and yoga nidra (deep rest), this 75 minute class aims to relax, restore and re-energise in an easeful, natural way. Don’t underestimate the “Power of Slow”! By moving slowly, mindfully and with synchronising the breath, you calm the nervous system dissolving stress and anxiety on both a mental and physical level. The immune system is strengthened, blood pressure lowered, inflammation reduced and sleep improved. We use props for support – cushions, pillows, a blanket, strap or yoga bolster – which enables us to really let go, release and surrender to the present moment.

This 6 week course is perfect for beginners, and anyone needing to Slow Down, improve sleep, reduce anxiety or receive support for ongoing health conditions (ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, PVS, long covid).   Not sure it’s for you?  Call me to chat through in more detail.  M: 07974 340580

Equipment: Your yoga mat, a lightweight blanket and, if possible, a yoga block and belt.  (A large book and dressing gown belt are fine to start with!) For restorative yoga we also need a pillow and large towel (to make your own bolster) or a yoga bolster, and a cushion.  Wear loose comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle and your mask.

NEXT 6 WEEK COURSES START: Friday 14th January
1.30pm – 2.45pm. Shipham village hall, Somerset & Online via Zoom

COST: £50 for the 6 week course, plus access to the Free Birch Moon Podcasts (recordings of gentle yoga, relaxation, meditation and pranayama practices, talks on positive psychology and more).

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