Physical Health

Our physical health is impacted by our emotional health – and vice versa.  I work holistically by all of my skills, and as a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor that includes homeopathic and anthroposophic medicines, to address you as a whole person.

  • Back and neck restriction
  • Breathing issues
  • PMT/PMS, Menopause
  • Digestive problems
  • Insomnia/sleep issues
  • Low energy/fatigue (see Stress, burnout & Fatigue)

Menopause #1 (from 2019) – I had to share this one!

“Hi Sarena, I think you’ll be surprised to hear from me.  It was over a year ago that I saw you and I didn’t think much of your coaching or support.  There was little if any change, and I continued to feel crap.  But it’s only now I’m feeling so much better, than I can look back and see just what you did do for me.

Severe menopause symptoms, my relationship breaking down and difficulties with my son’s father all came together in the ‘perfect storm’.  Somehow you hung on in there with me, offering deep listening, and providing an anchor in that storm.  You kept highlighting that so much of what I was feeling was due to hormones, that it wasn’t ‘me’, and that once that started to get balanced, I’d be back on an even keel. You gave me yoga practices – which I didn’t do.  You recommended exploring HRT, homeopathy, Ayurvedic herbs, acupuncture.  In other words, get additional help from other qualified practitioners. 

HRT didn’t suit me, but homeopathy did.  As I’m now clear of my relationship (still grieving but have made the move), and calmer due to the menopause symptoms easing, life is much, much easier and I’m seeing clearly.

Sorry!  And thank you for hanging on in there with me.  That took some courage because at times I really was very challenging. You could see it was panic and fear and hormones – and were always kind and empathic. 

Katie, Bristol xx

Menopause #2

“Thanks Sarena, yoga and the yoga diet, Weleda support and meditation have helped enormously.  It’s not me – it’s the hormones, and I agree with Davina (Mcall) if men had to go through this, they’d have found an answer by now!

Jackie, Cheddar, Somerset

Neck and shoulder tension

Such a common complaint!  From poor posture being hunched over a computer, carrying a young child, or ongoing stress that ‘sits’ in the neck and shoulders, we must get moving to release not just the muscles, but the fascia (a fine sheath of tissue that surrounds all organs and muscles of the body).

Sarah had spent many years struggling with fear and anxiety, this had build up in the neck, shoulder and lower back areas.  We used gentle, somatic yoga to soothe the mind and to give the body the time and space to naturally ‘unwind’.  Daily yoga practices were suggested, along with exploring her history of anxiety.  As a trained counsellor, I offer deep listening that is often all that is needed for our inner child/the past ‘you’ to be heard, understood, and empathised with.  There is then a release, a letting go of both the memory and energetic ‘charge’ around a situation.

I think for me the yoga of course really helped.  But your listening Sarena, and your understanding of my past, really helped me to stop beating myself up for not coping with stuff I wasn’t old enough TO cope with!  You’re intuitive too – often pinpointing something I’d not remembered or acknowledged.”

Sarah, Weston-Super-Mare. 

Insomnia/poor quality sleep

“I nursed my mum through cancer treatment for months, and the good news is she’s in remission.  But my sleep was completely awful.  I’d either get to sleep, wake up at 2am or 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep until 5 or 6 in the morning – or I’d be exhausted but couldn’t get to sleep at all.  I was all over the place and understandably was getting ratty and depressed!  I did a Yoga for Better Sleep workshop with Sarena, she also recommended some homeopathy and the sleep dropsfrom Weleda and I had a bedtime yoga routine to practice.  All this definitely helped shift me to better sleep.  I also decided to have just a few private sessions with Sarena to just off load how awful and frightening it had been during mum’s diagnosis and treatment.  I did a fair bit of crying – so needed!  Really appreciate how practical the help was, along with gentleness and somewhere to talk freely.  Thank you so much Sarena!”

Jeanette, Street, Somerset

For overwhelmed Mums!

Juggling parenting, work, home and possibly older parents puts a huge strain on all parents.  It’s the best job in the world – and the most challenging at times!  There is a culture of ‘perfectionism’ that mothers feel they have to live up to – and yet there is that well known quote “It takes a village to raise a child”.  So true!  Covid and home schooling have doubled the pressure for many – so if you’re reading this and feeling stressed, “not good enough”, overwhelmed, please reach out (I have some low cost sessions for those in genuine need).  I am a mum – I’ve gone through all the highs and the lows, and really do know how challenging it can be.  Oh we love them to pieces – and they drive us mad at the same times too!

Sarena xx

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How can I help?

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