Confidence – trust and belief in yourself

Resilience – our “bounce-back-ability”

I often work with people who ‘lack’ confidence and resilience.  Sometimes this is because life has thrown too many boomerangs at them, and they have run out of steam to dodge the missiles!  Other times they grew up in an environment where criticism, ridicule or even over-protectiveness have not allowed for a positive self-image or a resilient mind set to develop.

The science of Positive Psychology is a well-researched methodology that enables you to learn, develop and refine your resilience tool kit – and in turn confidence and belief in yourself grows.  Practicing yoga also develops trust in your body and strengthens your mind.  Translates to off the mat confidence.

“Learned helplessness”

When bad things happen, we like to believe that we would do whatever necessary to change the situation. Research on what is known as learned helplessness has shown that when people feel like they have no control over what happens, they tend to simply give up and accept their fate.  This isn’t because they are “weak” – but either through childhood experiences or ongoing adverse situations that become overwhelming, some people don’t realise the choices available to them.

In the early months of my severe illness with ME/CFS it seemed that no matter what I did, (diet, soothing yoga, doctors, acupuncture, counselling) nothing changed.  It was frightening, depressing and yes, at times I felt helpless.  I could have fallen into the trap of ‘learned helplessness’ (and there were days when it really felt like it), but positive psychology tools kept me hanging on…

If you feel like you’ve tried ‘everything’ (it may well seem like it), or that there’s no point because nothing will work…that is learned helplessness – and there is a way out of that dark pit.  I’m here to offer a light, to share tools to shift your mind set.  You don’t have to believe me – just call for a chat.

No confidence in herself

“I attended Sarena’s very first From Surviving to Thriving’ course.  I learnt something new every week, she gave us homework (hum work actually!) and then guided us to keep practicing.  As she said, “it’s just like building muscle strength in the gym – only this is mental strength”.  The tools and techniques are simple – but really, really work.  If I hit a bit of a slump now I go straight to my file for a reminder.  I’m much more assertive, speak my mind more confidently and have been promoted at work (they wondered what had happened to me!) I highly recommend the course. ”

Susan, Cheddar, Somerset

Depression and signed off sick from work

“I’m a bloke, pretty open about how I’ve struggled with depression, but it’s not understood. I was signed off work and even on anti-depressants was really struggling.  I went to the “From Surviving to Thriving” course and had some private sessions too.  I told my Dr “This is brilliant, you should have her on the NHS!”  And it is.  And so is Sarena.  Life changing for me that positive psychology.”

Rob, Winscombe, Somerset.

How can I help?

Feel very welcome to contact me for a chat.

How can I help?

Feel very welcome to contact me for a chat.

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