Want to boost your bounce?

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With so much juggling going on in our lives – family, work, relationships, getting from A to B, health issues, fitting in fitness care, worrying about the children, relationships, the state of the world…- is it any wonder that we lose our bounce?  That we feel tired all the time or slowly realise that the fun of life has been sapped away?  Anxiety, low mood, poor sleep, grumbling health issues, crumbling confidence…whoa!  Let’s turn that around shall we?  Let’s hear from some lovely folk who got their bounce back – and realise that you can too.

Jim came along to one of my early “From Surviving to Thriving” courses having been signed off work with stress and depression.  He explains:-

Shift work and family problems all got too much and I ended up being signed off work; being a bloke to be honest it felt doubly difficult as I was no longer the bread winner and you’re supposed to cope aren’t you?  I slunk into Sarena’s course on session one – and by the end of session one I was honestly alight with hope!  Anti-depressants hadn’t seemed to touch how I felt, yet there was something in what Sarena was saying – and her own personal experiences – that made me realise THIS would work!  And it did – by the end of the 8 weeks I was back to work, using the tools taught on a daily basis and felt more alive than I had in months.  Can’t thank you enough Sarena. (Jim, cheddar)

That response is not unusual – but the thing is, I don’t teach anything “miraculous” – I’m sharing proven, well-researched tools that are simple to implement in your life.  Maybe there are two key things that make a huge difference though; firstly, I set homework.  Activities to introduce into your life that are manageable, easy to do and bring quick results.  Yes, quick!  Secondly, I bring into all of my courses and one-to-one sessions my skills as a wellbeing life coach – so we explore your motivation (or lack of it), look at what might get in the way of you making changes (gently and with compassion – life can get complicated for us all), and then in creative ways design small steps to move you forward.  And…I check and support your progress!

This course was a brilliant way to look forward and not back.  It brings out the best and enriched my life.  Sarena’s excellent skills as a tutor helped me to feel completely at ease – and her voice! Perfect for the relaxation!  (Maureen, Shepton Mallet)

Well, thank you Maureen!  This lovely lady had experienced multiple, major stresses in her life but still had a determination to take control and feel better rather than get overwhelmed.  She inspired us all – but she had her moments where work overtook her self-care; here the coaching aspect of the course helped to redefine her goals and learn it was OK, and necessary, to put her needs first.  She bounced back!

As a social worker I joined the From Surviving to Thriving course for myself – but also to share some of the tools with clients.  Personally I got so much out of this – work can be (as you can imagine!) very, very stressful.  And sometimes I have felt “what’s the point? Am I really making any difference?”  Well, at the end of this course I felt so much more positive, engaged and alive.  Energy was up, I was calmer and more resilient, and the knock on effect was a much calmer wife/mother too.  It’s fun to share these tools with clients and their families – spreading the positive.  (Jane, Glastonbury)

We can always benefit from more energy and vitality – a calmer, more positive frame of mind – and learn how to turn the “lemons” that life gives us into tasty lemonade.  Sometimes we need to learn new tools, or brush up on those we’ve forgotten.  The point is – all that is taught on S2Thriving (from September 5th 2019 – 2 x 4 week fun packed courses) – has a direct impact on our physical, mental and emotional health.  Good for us now – and protective in our future.

Come and Boost Your Bounce!  Booking now – Part 1 starts on Thursday September 5th here’s more details.   And Part II in October – details here.