This relaxed, fun and informative 4 week course explores how to boost your mood naturally, manage stress, increase calm, move from pessimism to optimism and flourish!

Modern day psychology evolved due to the need to support men and women returning from the first and second world wars who were experiencing deep distress and what we now call PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder.  The methods for supporting people moved from looking at people as a healthy mix of strengths, vulnerabilities, illness and thriving – to primarily what was wrong, wounded, troubled or psychologically “disturbed”.  This was in response to the needs of those returning from war or other traumatic events.

Positive Psychology is the new science that redresses this balance; exploring what is right with us, what our strengths are and specifically looks at supporting us to Thrive!

A practical course, build your Tool Kit for Change which also includes relaxation and meditation techniques. As a parent, grandparent or carer, these great tools can be shared with those you love too (we’ll explore the best way of sharing and suggesting rather than “telling”…)

I’ve studied and taught Positive Psychology for 15 years, starting with a fascinating weekend with Dr Chris Johnstone one of the UK’s leading positive psychology and resilience trainers.  I have continued to study, practice and share these life-changing tools within workshops, courses and in my one to one coaching work.  When I say life-changing I mean it!

As a mum working full time I was, like many people, juggling a lot.  Tired all the time, getting irritable, and feeling like I had no time to breathe…I did exactly that, took time for me through Sarena’s course.  Loved it! She’s great at helping you bring new ways of being into your daily life (love the “loo” tip Sarena!) and helped me pull back on doing everything for everyone else (except me…) I’m a nicer, more relaxed person – and share some of the tips with my kids.  LB, Cheddar.

Here’s a quote from someone who completed my 8 week “From Surviving to Thriving” course:-

“I met Sarena at a free talk she did at our local library, and took away some really useful ideas which I started to use at home.  But in truth, it took all my courage to attend the full course a year later as I had severe anxiety and depression and had been on anti-depressants for years.  From the first session I was hooked, excited and at long, long last felt “Yes!” There was hope for me… I have (with the help of my doctor) come completely off anti-depressants, I get out the house, and am now involved in numerous groups and activities. A miracle!” CW, Cheddar.

(Note from Sarena:- I would add that this lady did ALL the work! Every suggestion for home practice was put into action. Her results are a direct result of her commitment to heal)

Each week we practice meditation together; simple, easy directions are given together with good breathing techniques (pranayama in yoga).  Plus a meditation CD is provided for home practice too.  I first came across meditation 30+ years ago (and I’m still only 21…) and whilst mindfulness is now a popular secular method, there are alternatives – I’ll share different techniques, like a buffet table of meditation options – choose what feels right for you at this time/with your current life style.

Both positive psychology and meditation have had a significant impact on my health and life. This is my popular 8 week “From Surviving to Thriving” in a power-packed nutshell…

To be honest I went on the course with a friend – for a friend – not realising how much I needed it!  The meditation and  good breathing techniques alone have changed my health and outlook on life. Who’d have thought it?! JC, Winscombe