The Sound of Grace – a transformational programme for women

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This is an exciting time as I design and share this unique programme for women.  Starting in September, it is the culmination of both my personal and professional experience in the world of sacred sound, chant, mantra and more.

Back in 1999, when my son was just 2 years old, we lived in the north west of America near Seattle; the stunning Puget Sound was the backdrop to my immersion in the study and practice of cross-cultural music and sound.  On a monthly basis I would sit in a ferry line waiting to travel across from the small town of Edmunds to the Olympic Penninsula, and from there wind my way down through the mountains to cross a bridge onto Bainbridge island. Here I would study with my teacher Pat Moffitt-Cook of The Open Ear Center for nearly 3 years – and truly I came home to my soul self.  I continue to study with her today…

The power of music to heal is understood by us all, and yet when you choose a piece of music consciously, the effects can be profound.  But it was the chant and mantra that spoke to my heart and soul in a way that literally shook me!  Studying from the Vedic, Buddhist, Tibetan, Indonesian and Hindu traditions brought me a wealth of knowledge that I have drawn on personally and professionally ever since.

The Sound of Grace will be a powerful yet gentle process, supporting women to find and express their individuality in ways that will give them a resounding sense of “YES!”  Too often women struggle to speak up for themselves, and that is something I have struggled with in the past.  Now I speak my truth with clarity and confidence, humour!

Mantra has been used for thousands of years for health, healing and spiritual connection.  There are literally millions of us chanting daily around this globe – and believe me, it is a beautiful and powerful way to transform ourselves and our lives.

Silently, or out loud, chant “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti” – allow the peace inherent within that mantra to enter your heart and mind.  

My aim for this programme is to co-create with other women a safe, supportive and healing community in which they can grow and thrive!