The Resistant Blogger…

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A Blog on not blogging…

It is over a year now since I wrote a blog.  In the past, never the most prolific, I tended to share information about areas of my work that could be helpful to people.  Yoga inspired articles, an insight into the new science of positive psychology, the down side of positive thinking (yes really), explanations of some favourite chants from my Sound & Silence groups,  etc.   For the last 13+ months, my focus has been on “battening down the hatches”, getting classes up and running online, learning how to fly this thing called Zoom and personally come to terms with the pandemic and lockdown.

There was no room in my head or heart for writing inspiring blogs…

When the pandemic hit, perhaps like me, you watched Europe and Italy in particular with mounting horror, just waiting for that tidal wave of Covid-19 to hit our shores?  A week before the UK went into the first lock down, I stopped all my in-person classes, following my screaming intuition that was saying “get out of here!”  With some previous experience of an online video conferencing system, my very patient students hung on in there with me as I tried to teach from my tiny home office (aka the box room).  My desktop computer camera is actually a good one, but the room was so small that all people could see was my head and shoulders.  So “talk-teach” was all I could do.  My laptop camera was better, but the microphone absolute rubbish – so people could barely hear me.  Each class threw up another challenge, each student experienced different levels of tech-phobia which I did my best to support them through.  Lots of hand holding!

In between classes I dismantled my desk and set up my desktop computer in a new way (screen on the windowsill) it still didn’t work well enough.  My house is small, the box room tiny, and my son’s bedroom full of a futon, and his “stuff”.  Third time (or was it fourth time?) lucky, his room was emptied** the futon moved and then the camera positioning began all over again.  My mobile phone was tried (poor sound quality, bought a headset, better without…) then (thank god!) my computer people, who can access my computer remotely, were able to adjust the camera settings so that it was less powerful – i.e. if I stood in the right place, carefully, all of me could be seen. Whoop whoop!

(** It’s OK, he doesn’t live here anymore!)

Blogs?  You’re having a laugh! 

As a self-employed person you have to do everything.  The teaching, planning, admin, creating, accounts, emails, website, Facebook, Instagram (I don’t), room hire and payment, then this last year –  Zoom scheduling, technical hand holding, chasing up those that have forgotten where the link is, forgotten to pay (“Oops! Sorry!)…

Blogging?  You gotta be kiddin’!

How has this last year been for you, really? What many people don’t realise is that, when you work in a front line or therapeutic field – counsellor, social worker, teacher, shop worker, not to mention our exhausted NHS staff – we are trying to keep everything together for our students, patients, clients, customers,  and at the same time processing the impact of the pandemic on our own lives too.  I was the proverbial swan – and exhausted.  Serene on the outside, I was genuinely positive, encouraging, organising, checking in… and, very important for me, creating a much stronger connection and sense of community to all those who came to my yoga and chant classes.  My pattern is to go into “management mode” – sort the S**t out, and then at some point down the line…the emotion comes through.

Blogging? No, No, Nope! 

In the ‘grown up’ world of business and marketing there is the belief that you must engage with your audience regularly to keep people erm…engaged?  Well, I don’t know about you, but too many emails, blogs, ‘special offers’ turn me off.  So – on the one hand I’m sorry that you didn’t receive helpful, supportive “how to beat the pandemic blues” blogs, on the other hand, I am still standing because I resisted the external pressure to put out energy that I really didn’t have to spare.

The Good News?   

I have, in a very amateur way, put together some Podcasts this last year – recordings of free sessions that have helped people during the pandemic.  From relaxation to Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), a talk on Positive Psychology, Laughter Yoga, Pranayama (breath work) to name just some – so actually, these were my ‘Blogs’ – but audio, practical and for home practice.  Here’s the link

So… thank you for not noticing that there’s been no Birch Moon blogs for over a year…

And a BIG, heart-felt thank you

to all my students for bearing with me. Your patience, support and cheerful faces as we Zoomed in, enjoying yoga or chanting in new ways, and genuinely helping me to co-create our very special supportive Birch Moon Community.  I’m proud of the lot of you!

So…I’ll blog in another 13 months then?

My love and many blessings to you all.