The Power To Change – Positive Psychology Coaching

Do you want to make changes to your life but not sure how? Perhaps you believe change is not possible, because you’ve tried and tried before? If you’re struggling with anxiety or stress, lacking confidence, or maybe you have a health challenge , want to lose weight or improve fitness, work or home life is not as you would like – whatever goal you would like to achieve (but maybe can’t quite keep on track with), then here at Birch Moon we could have the answer.

With over twenty-five year’s experience of working in the health field, Birch Moon (formerly In Sound Health) supports you by focusing on your needs and goals, agreeing on small manageable steps, and ensuring your motivation is maintained. When ‘life happens’ we help you stay on track. Birch Moon offers excellent tools and strategies which are the keys to successful change.

“Thank you so much for such powerful coaching! Our work continues to reverberate within me and clearly is significantly helping me get through the old outline (book writing) impasse. You definitely coached with heart–as well as wisdom and clarity. I really felt your presence in a way that was supportive, encouraging and enlightening. This was so helpful in terms of helping me find my way and propelled me forward to taking action. You are clearly a very gifted coach.”

 Dr. Mike Monroe, Psy.D. , Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Denver, Colorado U.S.A

Sarena Mason Cert. Ed CCMHP, Founder of Birch Moon, explains. “I weave together Positive Psychology, coaching, meditation and healing through sound and voice; a bit like a recipe – different ingredients depending on the individual. Change is far easier when we have the support of a trained ally.”