The Not So Jolly Holidays? Part 2

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When we don’t want to feel what we feel, or be where we are, or do what we’re doing – we resist what is. And when we resist what is – it persists.

From “I Can’t….” to “I DID IT!”

But we can take some simple steps to take us from where we are – to a little closer to where we’d like to be. Following on from my “Not so jolly holidays” blog there were some good, simple and practical ideas on offer. If you haven’t already, read it through and pick one – yes, just ONE thing.

Because the truth is that, like a rocket heading to the moon, we never get from A to B in a straight line. Nor do we get there by biting off a huge ‘chunk’ of what we think we should do…

Change happens by taking small, persistent and incremental steps. And anyone who tells you different, is not being realistic. So whether it’s changing how you feel at this “not so jolly” time of year (for many people), or you’re really wanting to achieve something in this next decade – 2020, who’d have thought it – you start with where you are and you choose just one thing to begin.

By choosing that one thing, you take one step, and that one step leads to the second step. And so on…

Staying with the theme of Not So Jolly Holidays…(but this applies to all of us who have something we’d like or need to change), here are some more simple things you can do to shift how you feel – and by changing how we feel, we start to get a wider perspective on opportunities in front of us. And with that wider view, creativity starts rolling…(I really love No4 – it’s a game changer!)

  1. Hydrate. Yea, I know!! This old chestnut…but it’s SO important for you to feel great in mind and body – I promise! Don’t underestimate just how amazing you can feel by hydrating well. They say 8 glasses of water a day – I’d add that it should always be at room temperature, and in the winter months hot water is ideal. Add some lemon, or fresh ginger slices and you’re boosting your digestive system too. Seems too much? Then start with small cups 4-5 times a day…our thirst response can turn off when we are constantly dehydrated, it might need re-setting.
  2. Eat Clean & simple. Most of us over eat, particularly at Christmas and the winter in general. So make up fresh vegetable soups (I cheat – literally chopping up veggies, putting in the pot with vegetable stock, cook, blitz, eat…I don’t pre-fry anything). Add red lentils to give you easy-to-digest protein. You’re giving your digestive system a rest. Replace a heavier lunch (meat, bread) with soup, and/or enjoy it pre-dinner (fills you up).
  3. Walk daily – on the previous Blog we talked about getting out in Nature as it is so soothing. Why not make this a daily practice? Start small – 10 brisk minutes. Add 5 minutes every 4-5 days…or whatever works for you. You’re getting oxygen into your lungs, brain and around your body; lymph (your immune system) flows better; ‘feel good’ endorphins rush into your body and brain – boosting your mood naturally. Drag a friend along!
  4. Motivation For the Mind…think about how motivated you feel to do one of the above – give it a number out of 10. If it’s 3 or 5 or 7 – ask yourself, Why that number? Why not 2 or 4 or 6?! And the next question is – what would help you increase that score by just a half point (1 if you like, but again, start small). Be curious…

I’m stopping at 4 things. The previous Blog had 10 ideas. That’s plenty.

I wish you well – and would love to hear what one thing you chose and why? One day at a time = One step = Leads to truly achievable changes. Go gently and wishing you all the best for 2020.

THE most important thing is to choose ONE thing. Check out the list of 10 here

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