In this day and age, when we are frequently bombarded by the harsh sounds of modern life, it is vital to offset that by regularly immersing ourselves in sounds of a healing, replenishing nature. This allows our mind, body and spirit to return to their natural state of balance and harmony.

Music, sound and voice have been used for health, healing and spiritual connection since time immemorial. As waves of healing sound resonate through every cell of our bodies, we assimilate their vibration on every level of our being, receiving a sonic massage. Healing mantra combines both a “sonic vibration” and transmits divine energy through the sacred sounds.

The effects of healing sound and mantra are wide ranging; from reducing pain, detoxifying the body, and increasing energy and mental alertness, to normalising blood pressure, soothing our nervous system, and psychologically supporting our mental health, increasing our sense of inner security and confidence.

Using sound and mantra as healing modalities can be hugely beneficial within the context of a yoga class, or indeed for self-care at home.

What to expect from the day:

  • We will (re) visit the primary Bija or seed sounds, with hand mudra, to clear, balance and strengthen our Cakras and their associated physical, mental and emotional attributes.
  • You will learn The Octave of Consciousness – a practice from the work of Chloe Goodchild (the Naked Voice) that weaves together Sanskrit sounds plus movement and mudra devised by Masashi Minagawa, one of just four Shintaido (New Body Way) Masters in the world.  Energising, invigorating, strengthening, heart-opening…a journey through your Cakras, your body, mind, heart and soul.  
  •  Be guided into profound Stillness & Silence as the vibration of sound, chant and mantra soothe the monkey mind and soften the body.
  •  Explore healing instruments from around the world
  •  Experience a beautiful Sound Bath ~ deep, restful and healing relaxation.

We will be exploring sound and mantra for your own self-development and healing, and for use with your clients or yoga students.

Co-facilitated by myself (Sarena Mason) and Steph Hiller, Sound Therapist – we weave together mantra, movement, and sound healing for healing and relaxation of a profound nature.

Cost: £45 for the day, book through the BWY website
Please bring something for a shared vegetarian lunch, a mat and light weight blanket for the Sound Bath!  Bliss 🙂

A British Wheel of Yoga event – open to all.