The Sound of Grace women’s group.

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I was recently in the Totnes area (and a very happy hippy I was too!) and got chatting to some women in a cafe, swapping stories of our travels, our work styles and healing modalities and what led us to our individual paths.  It was a fascinating conversation and these ‘strangers’ quickly became new friends.

As I began to give an insight into my own (unusual) way of working, everyone stopped their eating and drinking, pausing as they tried to comprehend what is meant by ‘cross-cultural music therapy’.

“Cross-cultural WHAT?!” asked one perplexed woman.

The vast majority of us are aware that music, sound, chants, and mantras have been used for thousands of years for health, healing and spiritual connection.  Indigenous cultures have used songs for healing in many ways; there are songs and chants for specific ailments, for calling upon Spirits, gods and goddesses to intervene on behalf of the patient.  In the ancient shamanic traditions, healing postures enable you to explore the underworld, access inner divination, or empower you.  (See the work of Felicitas Goodman for more on this subject.)  A great deal of research continues into the varying uses in different cultures.

We all know that music has a powerful effect upon us; violins tug at the heart strings, drums reverberate in your body and even your very bones, slow, peaceful music naturally calms us down. My training (at The Open Ear Center, USA) enables me to offer carefully selected pieces of music that, when listened to consciously (rather than as background music), has the ability to go beyond our ‘stories’ or issues, (which are perpetuated in our thinking, ruminating and analysing) to our sub-conscious mind.  Here, we can find the root of the problem, find new perspectives and transform things on a vibrational level.

For at the heart of my work lies the truth that we are vibrational beings, and that everything is energy in its various forms.  By using music, sound, voice and chants we intercept the vibration of dis-ease and encourage a balanced and healthy vibration to come back into play.  Like a re-set button on the computer, we can clear energetic patterns that no longer serve us, and re-tune our system to a healthier rhythm that is our birth right.

The Sound of Grace women’s group will be drawing upon cross-cultural music, sound, chant/mantra, and healing postures to access our inner strengths, develop and express our authentic voice and speak our truth with confidence. Here’s a link to a full description of the fascinating healing modalities we will be using during our 7 month journey together.   Programme overview, modules etc  The photo for this blog is me demonstrating part of a practice called The Octave of Consciousness – where we chant the Indian scale (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa) with hand gestures (Mudras) – a simple, but powerful way to build your inner energy core…

Being part of a circle of exceptional women, where we co-create a safe and inspiring healing space is a gift not just for ourselves, but our families, friends and the wider community.   There are 2 places remaining if you’d like to join us?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog – let me know your thoughts or questions!