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This 4 week course builds your Resilience Tool Kit – learn how to surf the waves of life, bounce back from challenges large and small.  Resilience tools are proven to improve your mental and physical health.  What a great gift for your children or grandchildren too; share the tools with them and they have a vital protective factor in their life. 

Drawing on the work of Resilience expert, Dr Chris Johnstone, together with research from the Penn. University, we will explore practical strategies that help you deal with tough times, learn creative problem-solving and improve self-care.   “Learned helplessness” is the term coined to describe how we end up believing we can’t do anything to change who we are or our situation.  Sometimes this develops, through childhood experiences, or it may emerge due to ongoing challenges that overwhelm you and no matter what you’ve done – it seems to make no difference.  We look at how to shift this mindset, recognise we have choices – and most importantly learn how to find those choices in a creative way.  

An important part of developing or re-building resilience is keeping a calm, objective mind; meditation and relaxation techniques are also taught to give you a much needed self-care practice that does exactly that!

My own Resilience was seriously tested, stretched and improved when I was extremely ill with ME/CFS – from bed bound to house bound to slowly being able to get out the house and walk again…it took way longer than I could have ever imagined to get my life back. But get it back I have! I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that all the tools in my tool kit – from positive psychology and resilience skills, to gentle holistic yoga and meditation to name just some – were instrumental in getting me back on my feet and beyond. It’s a real joy to share my professional and personal experience and support you in taking the next step to great self-care and improved health.