My Dream of Finding Inner Grace

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Dreams can remain as fantasies – or you can decide to manifest them.  For a long time my idea of The Sound of Grace programme was only a dream, a wish that one day it would be possible to share my personal and professional experiences.  But due to my own life and health challenges I had to wait…

But the wait was absolutely worth it!  I still meet women from previous Sound of Grace programmes and am deeply touched by their on-going connection to the work we did, how they draw on the healing modalities on a regular basis, and certainly claw their way back to the mantras and chants which provide them with an anchor in the midst life’s storms.  Just as I have done on my own journey.

Daily chant and mantra practice calms my mind, reconnects me to my body (as opposed to being in my head too much), and most certainly keeps me connected, like an umbilical cord, to the Divine, the Source, All That Is.  Healing takes place through the resonance of sound, the sonic vibration flowing through the gross (body) level, to the energetic and beyond.

During the Sound of Grace programme we learn many mantras – from single syllables to short phrases, to slightly longer healing sounds that have been handed down for thousands of years.  Beginners start feeling a little nervous – but are surprised and delighted by how quickly those Sanskrit sounds become second nature, by how rapidly they are learnt and embodied.

“I had no idea what I was signing up for with The Sound of Grace – but I did know it was calling me strongly. Never having done anything like this before…yes, I was daunted.  But those mantras!  So beautiful, healing, inspiring, uplifting!  I now have a daily practice and wouldn’t be without it.  Do I recommend The Sound of Grace?  100%!”  ED, Somerset

Another previous participant describes her experience, “At first I felt almost overwhelmed by the sounds, but as I practised I felt my voice grow and connect more with not only myself, but Mother Earth.  A completely new experience for me!  My confidence has grown too and it feels like I’m now on the right path.”   Mrs D, Portishead.

Getting this inspiring feedback, amongst many others, shows me that my “dream” was far more than that.  It was my calling to share what had touched, shaped and directed my life for such a long time.  Having gone through my own health challenges (I was diagnosed with M.E./CFS 12 year ago and told I’d never recover) I learnt first hand how mantra can open up opportunities and healing pathways that would otherwise have remained hidden from me.  One favourite and popular mantra Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha calls on the god Ganesh to remove obstacles from one’s life (and there are many other positive attributes too).  When I was very ill and told by the doctor I’d have to live with it, I chanted.  And chanted. And chanted!  Articles came my way on Ayurveda.  “Out the blue” I met a recently qualified Ayurveda therapist at a farmer’s market (of all places!), and whilst not the right practitioner for me, I’d started to learn enough to know this was an avenue to be pursued.  I kept chanting…and found a wonderful practitioner in Bristol who through treatments, herbs, dietary and yoga advice helped me to turn my life around.

Coincidence? If it was an isolated example I would agree.  It wasn’t.  I have had so many situations where it seems to me that the beauty and power of mantra have offered healing, opportunities, protection, inner strength and spiritual growth.

And this is what the Sound of Grace women are finding.  That the cross-cultural music journeys we did, shamanic healing postures, mantra, vocal maps and more have come together to provide a framework which supports them on a physical and practical level, enables them to grow mentally and emotionally, and at all times connects them, keeps them anchored to the Spiritual.  If you are curious to know more here’s the link to the Sound of Grace programme

What is your dream?  Dare you dream it? Could you actually re-visit your dream/s and believe it might be possible this time? That thinking outside the box could be the answer?  That stepping off the cliff labelled “not knowing” means you wouldn’t drop like a stone…but that the wind beneath your wings, the hand of the Divine, would gently lift you up and help you to fly…

I shall leave you with these words from Lizzie…

“It has been a privilege and enlightening.  I feel a whole new country has been opened up to me.  Deep Gratitude to my guides and fellow travellers, and to Sarena – for helping me to step off and feel the wind beneath my wings.”