A Day for Awakening, Healing, Compassionate Self-Care.

We cannot give from an empty cup – and self-care is not a luxury but as essential to our health and energy levels as going to the gym or eating well.

Open to all, this one-day British Wheel of Yoga workshop, we will:-

  • Explore and practice a wide variety of healing mantras and chants.
  • Learn a (seated) moving meditation from the Bon Po period that enhances inner listening, opens the heart and is protective.
  • Rest in silence and stillness.
  • Co-create a restorative, healing day.
  • Drawing on my Coaching for Wellbeing skills, I will help you to design and develop a workable home-practice for your compassionate self-care.

Beginners and experienced all welcome as we approach this with a beginner’s mind. Come to Learn, Come to Deepen your practice, Come to Rest, Relax & Nurture your inner self.

£40 for the day. Please bring a small vegetarian food offering to share. Book your places HERE