Covid in Nepal …

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We were fighting over toilet rolls – while Nepalese people were struggling to find rice…


Earlier this year Sally Deacon, a fellow yoga teacher, contacted me and asked if any of my students might be interested in supporting people in Nepal who were in desperate need of food. With all travel stopped, their usual income earned through supporting trekking groups etc dried up. They have no NHS, and no government funded food programmes. Treatment for Covid was also at the barest minimum. India hit the headlines, as did Italy, Germany, America, New Zealand…but who heard of the struggles in Nepal?

Sally and another yoga teacher both ran fundraising yoga sessions, and although I was unable to run one personally, I am so grateful for my students who sent donations to me, and these were passed onto Sally. The photos are of porters carrying food to people’s homes, delivery in hill villages and food also given out to the homeless in Kathmandu.

It takes many porter to carry the huge bags of rice, lentils etc to the families in need. And we just “pop” to the shops without a second thought.

I have travelled in Nepal, and believe me, they are the gentlest of people – it was a fascinating and joyful experience. I also became very ill whilst there (picked up a bug in Kathmandu) and it was the Sherpas who literally had to carry me for a day to ensure I got to the end of the trek! Very, very humbling (no 4 wheel drive or helicopter could get in to help). So you’ll understand why my heart goes out to these people.

I’m aware that many of us support our local food banks (which is a crazy need in a rich, western country!!) – but if you feel moved to help please contact Sally directly – every penny goes to the Nepalese community she is in contact with.

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