Grace: Deliverance (bestowed by the divine) from enemies, affliction or adversity.  Receiving daily guidance, forgiveness and preservation (of life).  From the Greek ‘charis’ or ‘charo’ which means rejoice or sweetness.

Transforming women’s lives through the power of sacred sound – a six month programme.

The Sound of Grace is...that moment when your heart softens, opens, and then soars with re-awakened joy.

The Sound of Grace is…that sense of knowing you have come home to yourself and connected deeply to your authenticity, truth and Oneness with all beings.

The Sound of Grace is...moving beyond your habitual thoughts, patterns of behaviour, history or even imagined future.

The Sound of Grace is…YOU!   Open to receive divine healing through sacred sound practices that can transform your life.

By drawing on ancient healing modalities – sacred chant and mantra, cross-cultural music journeys, shamanic healing postures, vocal maps, movement, and silence – The Sound of Grace is when our heart-self, our soul, resonates deeply with, and dissolves into, the sacred vibration that is the Source of all life – Love.

For thousands of years music, sound and voice have been used for health, healing and spiritual connection.  The Sound of Grace transformational programme for women draws on this wisdom, igniting, connecting and balancing both the sacred and the practical; we live in the 21st century yet our difficulties are no different to those that have walked the path before us.

“Before its incarnation the soul is sound.

It is for this reason that we love sound.”

                                                                                        Hazrat Inayat Khan

Would you like to:-

  • Transform the wounds of pain, grief, loss, rejection, all those life events that shape us and make us…into places of peace, self-compassion,  and joy?
  • Develop true confidence, self-esteem and inner strength to ride the waves of life with resilience and trust?
  • Dissolve self-limiting beliefs and in their place create strength and wisdom?
  • Find and express your authentic voice and learn to speak your truth with confidence?
  • Create a sacred and supportive self-care practice that nourishes you as you serve others in this world – as a therapist, carer, wife, mother, teacher, doctor, daughter…

Watch the video to hear why I developed this programme for women…

“Amazing! I absolutely loved this programme and can’t wait for level 2” LD, Winscombe. Somerset.

What you’ll find happening on the programme…

For the full 6 month programme overview click HERE

You will learn a wide repertoire of healing chants and mantras from the Hindu, Buddhist, Tibetan and Indonesian traditions.  From simple, single syllable chakra chants to longer mantras to remove obstacles, call in abundance, heal karmic blocks, receive protection, increase love in your life, nourish and nurture…and so much more!

You will experience cross-cultural music journeying and ancient healing postures for self-enquiry and to access your inner wisdom, clear blocks, inspire, uplift and empower – supporting and protecting you as you travel through this life and learn to ride the waves.

The ‘Vocal Maps we explore will allow you to clear, heal and energise your energy centres (chakras); individual voice assessments are included in this work to reveal energetic blocks, (stagnation or ‘over-use’) and sound/music ‘prescriptions’ are offered for individual practice.

Individual, diad and triad Naked Voice practices are incorporated, providing a safe, compassionate listening space in which you are truly heard, from the Heart; expressing yourself freely, without hesitation, with strength, joy and liberation! You are accepted as you are, where you are, and gently guided and encouraged to be so much more…

We will co-create a safe, compassionate healing space, your Tribe, to support and encourage growth, moving beyond your comfort zones, embracing and expanding into Life!

You will receive individual and group coaching that explores your motivation, obstacles or resistance, supporting you to make the changes you desire, one step (mantra!) at a time…

Between session conference calls/webinars to keep connected, continue learning and create a regular self-care practice.

“This has truly connected me to my inner spirituality in a way other paths haven’t” LF, Axbridge.

Women with singing bowls

“The Sound of Grace helped me at a very difficult personal time; the chants, vocal work, healing music and the supportive group dynamic kept me afloat.” HF, Hants.

What’s included:
We meet for one day at a weekend (alternate between Saturday & Sunday)  every 4-6 weeks, for six sessions.   6 retreat days starting in the Spring , 2022.   We co-creating a sacred circle of supportive women – your Tribe!  A study/practice booklet is provided for each session, building to a powerful resource for your future. Recordings of mantras taught are shared via private Dropbox facility. Personal guidance and support is offered for home practice – including mantra, chant and cross-cultural music ‘prescriptions’.  I joined and supported by Amanda Bailey M.A. Drama Therapist and Theta Healer/Teacher – she has co-facilitated the Sound of Grace programme since it’s inception.

APPLICATIONS INVITED:-  If you would like to learn more about this programme and how it may support you in your personal and spiritual growth, please contact Sarena for a one-to-one call.  We will explore your needs, how this programme may be for you and answer any questions you may have…Arrange that HERE

Venue:   Nr Axbridge/Cheddar. Somerset. BS26 2EL.  Close to the M5/A38 gives easy access to those travelling from around the UK. 

Local B & B is available in the nearby medieval town of Axbridge (just 5 minutes away), with other options in Cheddar (10 minutes).  It may be possible to arrange accommodation with other group members.

“Sarena has that rare combination of authenticity, compassion and commitment in both her study and practice of cross-cultural music, sound, and voice therapies. She is an excellent coach and guide to the wide-ranging power of music, sound and chant to inspire, educate and heal. It has been my pleasure to work together.”  Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD-International sound therapist, teacher & author, and founder of Open Ear Center in the United States.

Application & Fees:– Please contact me for an application form – a one to one call will be arranged to explore your needs and goals for this programme (via Skype or telephone). A £100 non-refundable deposit secures your place.

Course Fees:- 

** EARLY BIRD PRICE £595 – register and pay the deposit by January 2022 . The balance can be paid in monthly instalments.

** Full Price £645 from February 2022

LIZZIE’S GIFT:  Our dear Soul sister Lizzie left this earth in September 2019 – we miss her but know she flies free!  Through money that she left, combined with donations from those within our chanting community, there is one reduced cost place for the right person.  Applications are invited if you feel called to this work, have low income or are on benefits.

For further details, booking and payment arrangements use the Contact Form or call Sarena direct on 07974 340580

Cancellation Policy: the deposit is non-refundable.  All other payments – one month prior to course: full refund. Less than one month, all fees are payable.

“Sarena has a wealth of experience in the realms of speaking through to singing – from the contemplative to the theatrical use of the voice – she is a joy to work with!”

Chloe Goodchild-Founder of The Naked Voice, author, international singer