Sarena Mason is an Advanced Cross-cultural Music & Sound practitioner and has studied healing chant and mantra for nearly twenty five years. Her experience of yoga dates back decades, but it was only through her very challenging experience of CFS/ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) that she fully appreciated, and benefitted from, the healing power of therapeutic yoga.

She has since completed a 500 hour, 2 year Holistic Yoga Teacher Training with the Devon School of Yoga, and continues her studies with Kristine Weber, who founded the Subtle Yoga organisation. Kristine is a leading world authority on the neuroscientific benefits of slow, mindful yoga. During lockdown Sarena added to her study with “Yoga for Stress, Burnout, Chronic Fatigue and Long Covid” through Yoga Campus.

Sarena has completed her Certificate in Education (Cert. Ed, post compulsory) and has facilitated training and run courses in the public, private and third sectors for nearly thirty years. She teaches in engaging and creative ways, leading to participants being actively involved in their journey of positive change.

During the years of her illness, she experienced pain, severe insomnia, anxiety, depression, and a type of exhaustion that cannot be described. Yoga, healing chant and positive psychology all created the right healing State in body and mind to support her recovery. Resilience, Hope and Trust are vital on any healing journey – and all these healing modalities gave that in abundance. More recently she was diagnosed with breast cancer and again used yoga, chant and positive psychology to help her navigate that very scary time.

“My style of teaching is rooted in ancient wisdom, supported by modern science. I’m a great believer in explaining the ‘why’…then there’s a light bulb moment, and motivation and inspiration are ignited. It’s not ‘my’ way – it’s ‘your’ way. Learn the building blocks, deepen and refine your practice, and then use your own intuition to explore in creative ways.”

Because of her personal experiences, Sarena is able to offer a fresh perspective when walking alongside people going through their own healing journey. This is supported by having completed high quality, professional trainings.

Creating Birch Moon…

I created Birch Moon to draw together my personal and professional experiences to offer a fully integrated, holistic centre that guides and supports people on all levels – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

The Birch Tree has always had a special place in my heart; in the Celtic tradition it is symbolic of new beginnings and renewal, regeneration and hope. The white of the trunk represents cleanliness and determination in overcoming difficulties. Do we not all need to draw on the wisdom of the birch tree at some point in our lives?

Just before my mother died she introduced me to her oncology nurse: “This is my daughter…she is a healer.” It was the only time she acknowledged exactly what I did…and it was the best of parting gifts.

‘I’ do not heal you…but we work together to create the right environment in which you can heal. I genuinely believe that we are held and supported by the Source of all life, and my work is to help others connect with the healing power of that Source.

So today, having now professionally trained in Positive Psychology Wellbeing Coaching, continuing my studies with healing chant and mantra, and almost 1000 hours of Holistic and specialist Yoga Teacher Training – I absolutely LOVE sharing all I’ve learnt for your health, happiness and positive change. I wish you well on your journey and offer you my very best care should you choose to work with me.

Om Shanti. Peace to you.

Qualifications & Training


1998 – 2002 Advanced Cross-cultural & Sound Practitioner. The Open Ear Center, Seattle, USA (now Sante Fe NM)

2015 – 2019 The Spiritual Health Through Sound and Music Institute – The Open Ear Center.

2015 – ongoing. Vedic chant study. The Open Ear Center, USA (in Belgium) and TSYP (the Society of Yoga Practitioners). Krishnamacharya Vedic lineage.

2021 – Vedic Chant Teacher Training, TSYP.


2018 – 2021. 500 Hour Holistic Yoga Teacher Training, Devon School of Yoga.

2020 – ongoing. The Neuroscience of Subtle Yoga. Kristine Weber.

2020 – Breathing for Non-Breathers.  Laila Stewart. USA (CPD)

2021 Yoga for Stress, Burnout, Chronic Fatigue and Long Covid. Yoga Campus.

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY & RESILIENCE (coaching & counselling)

2013 – 2018 Positive Psychology Coaching for Wellbeing – Mentor Coach, USA

2007 – 2010 Positive Psychology and Resilience trainings – Dr Chris Johnstone, The College of Wellbeing.

2012 (CPD) – Dr. Chris Johnstone, Centre for Resilience, Happiness and Positive Change.

2002- 2005 Integrative counselling – CPCAB – Level 4.


1995 -1998 – Certificate In Education. Brighton University.

2010/2011 – EFT/Matrix Reimprinting: Karl Dawson, Master EFT/Matrix Practitioner.  Energy Psychology that deals with the energetic root of situations.

Professional memberships

Yoga Alliance Professionals
The Association of Coaching
The Independent Yoga Network